Circus Federation of Australia


Our aim is to further the professionalism of the circus industry in Australia

We have a lifetime emotional and financial commitment to our animal partners for whom we care and of whom we are so proud.

We seek out the best skilled acrobats, gymnasts and clowns and we nurture circus skills within our community. We tour first class family entertainment to communities all over Australia.

We ensure that our members comply with the various codes of conduct or legislation of Animal Welfare in Circuses, as dictated by the various states and territories in Australia.

We are privileged to sit, as an observer, on the Exhibited Animals Advisory Committee in NSW, with whom we meet every three months.

We check on welfare standards in circuses and improve on them if necessary. We are part of the Federal Government's "Australian Animal Welfare Strategy" which covers the humane treatment of all sentient animals in Australia. We belong to the "animals used for work, sport, recreation or display" group.

We maintain contact with other international professional circus bodies such as the European Circus Association and are active founder members of the Federation Mondiale du Cirque.